What is the annual design service?

The so-called annual design service is to hand over all its design, advertising, packaging, display and website to a design agency. The biggest advantage of this approach is that the design company and the client can have a better understanding, and the design agency will pay more attention to you. Because of this, everyone can do things more easily. The benefits of the annual design service system:

  1. Entrust all designs to a trustworthy design agency, and they will help you build a complete image system. This is an inevitable result, no matter whether you know it or not.

  Second, the full entrustment type saves you a lot of time and energy, and you don't have to face too many miscellaneous chores, which can free up more time and energy for you to deal with other more important things.

  3. Choose the annual service to make your company reduce staff and increase efficiency, and avoid invalid investment and increase of labor cost.

Advantages of annual service:

1. Comprehensive design capabilities, covering various design needs of corporate brands

2. Not just on paper, but also in the whole process of design and post-execution monitoring to ensure that the design work is in place everywhere

3. Collaborate as closely as the company's own employees, and respond to various unexpected needs in a timely manner

4. the overall annual design, to ensure the professional strategic planning and unity of the brand's growth

5. Signing a contract annually and paying monthly

Which companies are suitable for:New brand establishment or brand transformation and upgrading

Service items:

-> Corporate + brand visual strategy and analysis

-> Corporate + Brand Core Identity

-> Corporate + Brand Visual Identity System

-> Product Packaging System ->Store Terminal, Display

-> Brand and event promotion materials

-> Brand website construction, WeChat marketing

-> Daily design service

-> Brand monitoring and management

Service type:Brand design strategy & visual design & photography & copywriting, finishing
Cost:Calculate after specific negotiation and analysis
Payment method:Sign an annual contract, pay 50% deposit, others are paid monthly