Service Process

① Establish Intention

Negotiation intention and clear demand. Calculate design and production cycle and cost

② Sign An Agreement

Sign the project cooperation agreement and pay the deposit

③ Start Design

Complete the first draft within 3-5 working days, and the customer determines the style

④ Modification & Confirmation

Complete the project, modify, adjust and finally confirm

⑤Project Acceptance

After the project passes the acceptance, the final payment shall be paid and the draft submitted

⑥ After-sale Service

Completion of the project and follow-up of later maintenance

Service Items

Mobile power supply packaging design, Bluetooth headset packaging design, charger packaging design, data line packaging design, mobile phone tempered glass film packaging design, mobile phone case packaging design, car charging packaging design, self timer packaging design and other digital electronic product packaging design

Committed to the introduction of enterprise VI design and the design and implementation of VI manual, helping enterprises establish a good corporate image, establish a unified visual management system, improve the internal and external communication system of enterprises, and accelerate the benign operation of enterprises

We help customers make choices according to the brand strategy: professional provision of industrial design, product design, structural design, appearance design, electronic circuit design, 3D modeling, 3D effect rendering, product promotion video production


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